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Thanks, Tapper. Whoever you are.

Today in Politics.

Let’s see. Cheney and Obama went head to head. Obama exaggerated, and so did Cheney. Obama wants to close down Guantanamo Bay, Cheney thinks it’s preposterous. Shocking advance in our political agenda–two old men dither on the steps of two old buildings. Can’t help a biased comment, however. It seems that while Obama’s laying out the logic behind major national security decisions, Cheney’s just bitching.

Fun fact of Yesterday, actually: 90 senators voted to save Guantanamo. That’s definitely news to me. Ninety? Sheesh. Talk about some bipartisan love. Interesting Politico blog provides some excellent reasons as to why it’s going to be harder than initially assumed to close down Gitmo.

In other news, the goddamn House is starting a bill to restrict marriage to the “traditional” sense in Washington D.C. I’m not entirely in love with the idea of our House and Senate creating laws for a city, but I’m even less inclined to give them the power to get their voices out on an extremely important issue for a pivotal constituency to which they are unaccountable.


We’re going to try and be nicer to Serbia, too. Want to know the most depressing thing about our increased attention to Serbia? It highlights the absolute failures of the American Education System. I’m a smart kid. I don’t know where Serbia is. Nor could I tell you why the U.S. has a troubled relationship with the place. Great. So, some random country did some random thing. Is there a chance that a kid in Japan would have the same geographic knowledge failure? Unlikely. Yet another reason to move. Or home school.

Panama’s a sanctuary for money laundering and tax cheats. I can tell you where Panama is (score one for Spanish class!). I can’t, however, explain to you exactly how one would go about fixing these problems of the oh-so-lovely country of steamy Central America. Kerry thinks we should close some loopholes. Since it sounds awesome and easy, I’m all for it.

For one lovely Politico complainer, the green energy bill that passed through the House today is going to kill our recession-wounded average American. Only time will tell, perhaps, but I find it entirely amusing that the opposing camps are each able to spin this issue in their preferred direction. One says it’ll create jobs and stimulate the depressed economy, the other laments the extra costs of the legislation. Priceless.

The EFCA. Interesting spin in Politico today: some guy touts it as a way to force companies and union members into things they don’t want. Apparently it also opens the originally-closed ballot for any vote to unionize a company. So the unionizers can sniff out the competition–seems like a recipe for disaster, straight out of the Boss Tweed book.

Most fascinating to me was a smaller story on Abc News: “Do you want your OTV.” It refers to “Obama television,” since the network refused to allow the media to cover a pickup basketball game with Obama and the national championship Lady Huskies team. The administration instead released its own press clippings, cuts, and interviews, complete with a small logo, as if they were a real news station.

Jake Tapper, author of the piece, asks, It’s perfectly fine, of course, for the White House to put out its own version of events — but is it right to do so by preventing actual reporters from covering something?”

I agree with his question, at least–its something the Obama administation is forcing us to ask. He’s trying to delay the stream of the news–releasing small snippets at press conferences, not fielding as many questions, and releasing memos at the end of the day covering a lot of events–he’s trying to slow down the coverage. Answers abound as to the why, but the real question for most of us is: What does this mean for political journalism?

How can the Gatekeeper press act in such an era? Again, only time will tell. But what an interesting development! Thank you, Tapper!

Okay. This is a long and confused post of my political thoughts. In terms of my graphic design thoughts, Luke Feldman is very interesting. General thought: I need to ensure I am more conversant in graphic design jargon. The periodic table of fonts is AMAZING. I need it. It’s also very comforting to know that I’m not the only font nerd.

So, sweet dreams, and here’s to hoping I get an iPhone. Just so I can download the “What the Font” application.


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Ah, summer.

A word that conjures memories of barefoot rendezvous, melting ice cream cones, and sidewalk chalk camaraderie. Of jump rope games, lazy poolside afternoons, and firefly evenings. It’s not just a word, it’s a mood. A feeling. And a good one, too.

And what am I doing? Adventuring? Nope. Relaxing? Not even. I’m sitting around, stressing about all the things I should be doing. Writing blogs about the things I mean to do in the future, instead of actually doing them. And that sentence seems like such a positive way to start off this little endeavor, wouldn’t you say?

So. This blog should be a way to de-stress. To get out my feelings of aimlessness, and to improve my writing. To add some level of coherence to my ramblings, and to prove to myself that I can and will keep a journal, and that I can and will be able to keep up with something. Anything.

I’ll write about whatever. My failed attempts at diet and excersize and my failed attempts to spell the world exercise correctly. My musings on life and friendship, and long-distance relationships. My outrage at the political escapades of Washington, and (hopefully) my comments on the international landscape as well. My plans for the year to come, for my sophomore year, for my Opinions editorship, and for myself.

So that’s what it’s for. Myself. I mean, it’s not like I’m a harsh critic, or anything. Right?


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